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Member Benefits

When you join The Wisconsin Business Incubation Support Association, you join a group of professionals statewide who provide support to today’s most exciting new businesses. WBISA services prepare you to help start-up businesses build their strength and value.

A few our our membership benefits include:

  • Collaborative Community: Share learning opportunities, networks, resources,  grant opportunities, and best practices 

  • Peer Support: Network and share advise through our private members-only Facebook Group

  • Business ReferralsNetwork online as well as at quarterly membership meetings and the annual conference.

  • Professional Development:  Your source for best practices for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial support organizations.

  • Knowledge and Resources Exchange:  Members have access to the experiences and ideas of other members.

  • Member Discounts: Member discounts apply on all association sponsored publications and conferences. 

Our members not only receive a personal benefit, but also provide economic development for their local community:

  • Job Creation ValueFor every $1.00 of public subsidy for the incubator, clients and graduates generate about $45.00 in local tax revenue.

  • Keep Them at Home:  Clients and graduates of incubators stay in their communities and create new jobs at a cost of about $1,100.00 vs. traditional new job creation activities that often cost more than $10,000.00 each.

Davi Brier at GLlin2 2018

“The strength of the WBISA is the collective experience and the shared vision to strengthen business incubation as a major contributor to economic diversification throughout the state. The support I’ve received from my WBISA colleagues has had a major impact on our program
and facility.”

Teresa Fellner

Former President | Gateway Technical College iMET Center

Our Goals

  • To provide a central point for information, communications, and the exchange of ideas for incubator managers/staff.

  • To facilitate the forum for mutually supportive business incubation for its members.

  • To establish linkages with other community and economic development organizations.

  • To serve as the “go-to” organization for business incubation among our members, prospective members and other users of WBISA’s services.

  • To build broader awareness of the organization and attract new members.

  • To promote information & idea exchange among members.

  • To develop synergy among business incubation clients across the state of Wisconsin

Join the WBISA

We will help make your life easier! Our organization benefits  business and food incubators, co-working spaces, accelerators, universities, and economic development agencies.

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