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The Wisconsin Business Innovator's Support Association (WBISA) strives to further enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing education, resources and networking to help members better serve their communities and regions. 

Our services and programs prepare our members to help start-up businesses build their strength and value. WBISA provides educational opportunities at quarterly membership meetings and our annual multi-state incubation conference. Membership dues help fund WBISA activities as well as help increase public awareness of the economic impact provided by incubators, accelerators, educational institutions and other entrepreneurial stakeholders.

As a group of statewide professionals, the WBISA supports today's most exciting new businesses. Our members include: manufacturing centers, business centers, education centers, economic development corporations, innovation centers, industrial centers,  incubators, and small business development centers. 


Our Mission

“To educate, inspire, and advocate on behalf of small business start-ups and entrepreneurs by providing incubation facilities and networking resources.”

Member Locations

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Meet our Members

As a group of statewide professionals, our members include: business and food incubators, co-working spaces, accelerators, universities, and economic development agencies.

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